Study Permit

Education and skills training broaden your opportunities and are lifetime investments. If you wish to study for longer than six months in Canada or you wish to take an academic or vocational program at college, university or other private institution, you must apply for a Study Permit before you come to Canada.

More and more international students choose to study in Canada because it offers a Postgraduate Work Permit and the option of permanent residency after graduation from post-secondary programs at Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). Those who are studying at a DLI at the post-secondary level may gain work experience by working off-campus while completing their studies.

Square One Study Permit Centre advises you NOT to choose ill-suited programs and waste your money on tuition fees. We can assess your eligibility for Study Permit application as well as your choice of program. The last thing you want is a Degree or Diploma that Canadian employers are not interested in. Despite a shortage of skilled workers, employers are looking at particular skills that are useful in the real world.